Trusteeship:  Taluka Group Owing to our strong leadership team, Integrity, Honesty and Trust is not spoken but is delivered in action, trust with clean and clear communication. We honour the commitments that we make to firms we deal with, and actualize customer value on long-term basis.

Commitment for Excellence: Do it right and give it whatever it takes to get it done in the best way possible. Strive for excellence in whatever we do.

Customer Centric Approach: Empathise with your customer, learn what he wants and deliver. From process to product development, roll it backwards from mind of your end consumer to factory and R&D, where products are developed.

Drive for Innovation: With new products launched almost every month and an R & D facility that meets international standards, we are committed to innovation and rigorous quality control is done at all levels, from management practice, to processes and to products. With our lean production we have proven ourselves as cost leaders in the industry.

Respect for All: The employees at Taluka work hard on their domain to earn trust of every individual, from colleagues, to customers and our suppliers; we believe this respect is mandatory for mutual success.